9-11: False Flag Terror and The Rise of the Global Police State

Jim Fetzer, author, professor, founder of Scholars for 9-11 Truth
DATE: Friday, Sept. 9th
TIME: 7pm – 9pm
PLACE: Sellwood Community Center
1436 SE Spokane St.

Continuing Education for Dissident Citizens
DATE: Saturday, Sept. 10th
TIME: 10am – 3pm
PLACE: Sellwood Community Center
1436 SE Spokane St.

9/11 Truth Celebrates The American Spring with Potluck Picnic at Park
DATE: Sunday, Sept. 11th
TIME: Noon – 5pm
PLACE: Colonel Summers Park
SE 20th Ave. and SE Taylor St.

Saturday, Sept 10th:
10am-11am Critical Thinking: A lecture and discussion of the meaning of critical thinking and why it is necessary to deconstruct the propaganda around us. Discussion of rhetorical devices that cloud critical thinking, ad homonym attacks, straw man, cognitive dissonance, cognitive diversity, poisoning the well, guilt by association; Concept of “belief” in the realm of critical thinking. How you can think critically in today’s environment. Led by Tim Calvert SFB, dissident, critical thinker.
11am-12pm A History of False Flag Events: Presented by a panel of 9-11 activists, 6 different historic “false flag events” will be described and briefly discussed. False Flag actions are, of course, bread and butter for the growing global police state. Don’t be caught flat footed. Presented by Tim Titrud, 2 Hate Crime Cases (Matthew Shepard). Presented by Cathie Bell, The Oslo Events. And presented by Richard Frager, Bali bombing and Oklahoma City.
12pm-1pm Catered Lunch. Food will be brought in so that the discussion and momentum will remain high. Food will include both Vegetarian/vegan and meat from the proud tradition of Iraq. Food catered by Zahra Alkabi, Iraqi Refugee living in Portland.
1pm-2pm Guest Speaker Fritz Springmeir, author, political prisoner, expert on secret societies and the occult, will discuss occult symbolism in the 9-11 attacks.
2pm-3pm Resource Review for Activists. A panel of 9-11 truth activists will present their favorite resources from Books, documentaries to Web Sites. All 9-11 activists are welcome to submit a sheet with web sites, books and documentaries.
Pre-registration requested for an accurate head count, for the caterer.
Pay at the door when you attend.
Cost for both days $35.00.
Jim Fetzer’s talk alone will be $10.00.
Saturday workshops with lunch included will be $25.00.
All that pre register will have lunch included with their registration fee, late comers will pay for lunch.
To register, email Oregontt@AOL.com, with email Subject Line: “Registration”. Include your phone number.
More information and registration form, go to www.pdx911truth.com, or call 503-230-0488.

Here is a link to my work, connecting the Yogurt Shop Murders and 9/11. You might call me an Illuminati refusenik. 


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